On February 15, 2024, Melooon asked on the Melonland forum the following question: Where is te sky of a website?:

"Everything has an up and a down, everything has an under and an over, and there is always a place that you come from and go to :eyes: So is the sky of a website at the top of the page (with the ground in the footer)? Or are you in the sky looking down onto the site like a bird looking onto the earth? Or is the site the sky itself and visiting it is like looking up at the clouds? Are websites skies that we look into and away from our world? Or the other way around? Or are they equal to us, sharing the same horizontal horizon we see when we look out over a sea? And vice vera is code the underworld watching us, or are we the underworld looking into our browsers? :evil: :eyes: :tongue:"